Virtuous Excellence

Virtuous Excellence 

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Philosophy & Guiding Principles

Virtuous Excellence is an organization which believes that only in impacting the deepest nature of your true self will change and development occur. This is a process which takes place through knowing your purpose, exercising leadership, engaging in empowering life experiences, and having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe that faith-based holistic education, programming, and ministry is a viable mechanism to bringing about total change spirit, soul, and body.


Healing is an essential step towards personal growth & development.


You must realize who you are as an individual, strengths, weaknesses, and gifts. You must realize where you are on your life journey. You must realize change is a constant and continual process.


Spiritual Growth
Man is a three-part being consisting of a spirit, soul, and body. Spirit is the part of man that contacts God. Soul is a person’s mind, will, and emotions. Body is the physical self. For total growth to occur a person’s spirit, soul, and body must be impacted.


Every person was born with leadership potential and a certain sphere of influence. Once personal growth occurs an individual has the capacity to lead others.


Education is the cornerstone of the growth. Information changes the seasons of your life. Education inspires personal growth and fulfillment.


Support on all levels encourages growth support enables an individual to consistently utilize the information and tools given. Support breeds accountability and accountability is essential for sustainable change.


Community engagement is key to lasting fulfillment during the process of personal growth. Helping others fuels an individual’s purpose and develops personal responsibility.

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